4 must-follow Argentine tango IG accounts

We’ll confess, we’ve been spending a bit more time than usual on social media lately. Apart from designing Argentine tango shoes for women, we’ve also been scrolling a lot. Perhaps more time than we would like to admit. However, on the bright side, we’ve discovered some really cool Instagram accounts to follow if you love tango. Here are our top 4 discoveries in the past few months.



This is a really fun Instagram account. They regularly post Argentinian expressions and their meaning in English. The main heading on each post is a literal translation of the Spanish saying into English and these are wonderfully odd and hilarious.

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo
Image by @theargentininandictionary



This account was set up by a tanguera who loves tango music. She’s also a graphic designer and a web engineer. So expect a slick design and lots of interesting “notes” about tango music. The more juicy blogs are on her website where you can also buy tango music art which is original and not tacky.

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo
Collage by @tangonotes



Sofiya is a personal stylist and her Instagram feed is a joy to look at. She loves colour and she knows how to wear it! We first met Sofiya when she bought a pair of tango shoes from us. Yes, you guessed it: she’s a tanguera as well. Since then, we’ve been following her account for inspiration. She also offers online courses on “How to find your unique style”. Check her profile for style tips and more.

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo
Photo by @Sofiya_Levina



Soul-soothing tangos played by guitar only by Mauro Ramos. We came across this account during the early year lockdown in London. We are so grateful that so many wonderful artists are keeping Argentine tango alive. Once you listen to Mauro’s music you will fall in love with his tango repertoire.

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo
Portrait by @mauroramosguitar


Yuyo Brujo is one of the main UK tango shoes online shops. Whether you are looking for Argentine tango shoes for women specifically or more generally for good quality women dance shoes, drop us a message and we will be happy to help.


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