Yuyo Brujo is about embracing your passion

Yuyo Brujo is a tango, most famously recorded by the orchestra of Juan D’Arienzo in 1949. Yuyo Brujo can be translated as a “Witch’s Brew” or “Magic Spell”. It is about a man who was so in love with a woman that he believed she had cast a “crazy spell” on him.

The shoes we make embody this same crazy passion of ours. They are made for those in love with tango.

Who are we?

We design and make tango shoes for men and women, inspired by the songs and stories of tango. Based in London, we visit regularly our workshops in Alicante, a region of Spain with a long tradition of making fine leather shoes.

We are known for making shoes that are both beautiful and feel great to dance in.

"Con el corazón"

We put everything into each shoe we make.

Meticulous design and attention to detail are at the heart of what we do. Every shoe is a fusion of beauty, quality and comfort you can feel on your feet.

We design and made each part of the shoe so that they fit together perfectly. We obsess over leathers, fabric, stitching and finishes. All our shoes have a special gel insole that is well-padded yet thin enough for you to connect with the floor.

We are always happy to help you find the right shoe and listen to your suggestions to help us improve.

Where can you find
our shoes?

Other than on our website, you can find our shoes at some events we are visiting (see our Facebook page) or by booking a private fitting at our London studio. We currently ship to 35+ countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Find out more here.

What people say about our shoes?

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Packing shoes in a box.

shopping times in march

No private fittings for 14 Mar – 1 Apr. Please book for 2 Apr onwards. 

You can still shop on our website, but shoes will only be shipped on 2 Apr. Thank you!