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How To Find The Perfect Fit Tango Shoe (Whether it’s your first pair or not)

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No matter where you are in your tango journey, finding the perfect fit tango shoe can be an arduous task. Too many options can distract you from your aim, so let’s focus on the key things to look out for when choosing your tango shoes. 

Follow these 5 tips to find your match made in shoe heaven.

1/ Heel Height

We know, higher heels are more fun but if it’s your first pair of tango shoes, and you are not used to wearing heels, then a low heel is the best option for you. You will be able to spend more time on your toes and will develop your balance gradually.

If you’re very comfortable in heels (we’re talking wearing heels to work every day kind of confidence) then you should feel right at home starting in a medium heel.

Feeling indecisive by the slender look of our stilettos? Fear not, we designed our heels specifically to give you maximum stability. One of the most common comments from tangueras trying our shoes is “wow, they feel very grounded!”.

2/ Size

When choosing your Yuyo Brujos, go for the same size as your street shoes. The urban myth that you have to go one size down in tango shoes doesn’t apply to us (tip: this is more so  for some Argentitnian brands that size differently or if your feet at pretty narrow). 

When purchasing tango shoes, you don’t want a lot of room between the end of your toes and the end of the shoe. If your toes are quite close to the edge this is ok. 

Still didn’t get your size right? We also offer a dedicated exchanges and returns policy. We’d been there and we really don’t want you to get stuck with a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit. You can also check your foot length against our sizes here.

3/ Open heel vs Closed heel

A closed heel means that the back of your feet are supported and strapped into the back of the shoe. This is great for first timers as it helps with balance and makes you feel more secure.

But even if it’s your first pair of tango shoes, don’t discount the closed heel’s more glamorous sister, the open heel. If you have wide or narrow feet and need to size up or down, an open back heel can give you the few more millimetres your foot needs to manoeuvre.

If you like the look of an open heel and want that added support, try our Jamas Retornaras, Mi Novia or Yacare. These styles are a great compromise between an open and closed heel.

4/ Snug, will they stretch?

As a rule of thumb, snug shoes will stretch and mould to your feet; shoes that dent, cut into your skin or hurt the first time you try them on will only give you pain.

Shoes that are “roomy” and comfortably a bit loose straight away will probably start slipping off on your first dance, so snug is your friend.

5/ Comforts vs Aestehtics

We get it. You spend hours looking online for the perfect pair of tango shoes, you get them delivered, rip open the box with complete excitement and put them on only to discover that they’re incredibly uncomfortable.

Ouch (literally).

To us, comfort is a non-negotiable. Our shoes have gel padding all over the insole, (not just front padding). Our padded tango shoes give you softness and flexibility so you don’t have to break them in for months. 

Besides our padded shoes, we have a range of different front cuts (single band, three straps, butterfly shape) so you can choose which one suits your foot shape better. You can read more about this here.

If you are looking for tango shoes in the UK, you can also book a private fitting at our showroom in London and let your feet do the talking.

Still have some burning questions about tango shoes? Feel free to leave a comment below or send us an email at info@yuyobrujo.com and we will be happy to help!

How coffee can help your tango practice

Carolyn WestComment

(Spoiler, this is not about antioxidants)

Caffeine can help your tango in many ways. It improves circulation, memory retention (to remember all those tango moves), and let’s not forget that it also fuels your muscles to actually practice. But did you know that coffee can help your tango beyond these functional abilities? Keep reading to find out more.

New Styles Coming Soon

Elena VelascoComment

Immerse yourself in a soft and crisp morning by the seaside with Stefania Colina and Juan Martin Carrara. Imagine strolling back from an all-night sweet milonga and your longing for more... this is the setting we have dreamt to introduce our new styles this Autumn. Watch our mini story here and expect some gorgeous tango shoes very soon (click above to play). Sign up to our newsletter here and be the first one to know.

Video by Magdalena Smolarska Photography and Yuyo Brujo.

June Inspiration: Tinta Roja

Elena VelascoComment

Summer is upon us, and we're sure you have nothing to wear, so we have put together some ideas for you. Tinta Roja is one of our most summery tango shoes and here is how to make it your tango festival, marathon or milonga staple, please read on...

Our most recent style crush is to pair Tinta Roja with a floral print dress in bright red like on the first picture (dress by And Other Stories). And how about some denim? It's not the obvious option for tango dancing but it can look quite refreshing particularly if you aren't into hyper dressing up. The dress we've chosen here is a really dark denim dye combined with some black mesh. A polka dot dress is a classic... so we don't need to explain much more. If you are into separates, head to Coleccion Berlin for bespoke tango clothes, beautiful swishy wrap skirts (like the one on the bottom left corner), tops and dresses. And don't forget to check Tinta Roja if you don't have them already!