Yuyo Brujo Tango Shoes in Paris!

Red Argentine tango shoes by Yuyo Brujo worn by model

We can’t wait to see you in Paris! From 14-19 May we will be in the City of Lights with a selection of our tango shoes for men and women. You can find us in the addresses below and contact us to a private fitting at our apartment. Despite the popularity of Argentine Tango in […]

What tango shoes should beginners wear?

3 pairs of high heel tango shoes for women

  For people starting their tango journey, one of their first questions is what tango shoes should beginners wear? Thus begins for them a whole new relationship with their feet and shoes! For years, we have helped many people new to tango find the right shoes for them, so we have some tips to share. […]

Where to find men’s tango shoes in London?

Men's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo

Many people asked us where to find men’s tango shoes in London, so we decided to make our own! It is available for sale online or in person from our London studio. Named after a famous barrio in Buenos Aires mentioned in many tangos (here is one of our favourites – El Yacare), it has […]

Our Argentine Tango shoes on Strictly Come Dancing

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo

As seen on… BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing Did you watch the Argentine Tango from week five? Beautiful AJ Odudu wore our style Jamas Retornaras in her Argentine Tango performance with Kai Widdrington on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. If you are not familiar with the TV show, Strictly Come Dancing (also known as Strictly) is a […]

4 must-follow Argentine tango IG accounts

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo

We’ll confess, we’ve been spending a bit more time than usual on social media lately. Apart from designing Argentine tango shoes for women, we’ve also been scrolling a lot. Perhaps more time than we would like to admit. However, on the bright side, we’ve discovered some really cool Instagram accounts to follow if you love […]

What’s our favourite Argentine tango shoe?

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo

What’s our favourite tango shoe and why? Founder and designer, Elena, explains «Yuyo Brujo» is her favourite dance shoe from all the ones she has designed. The inspiration The style we call «Yuyo Brujo» is actually the first design of tango shoes that I draw. I had this idea of a distinctive shape on the […]

December Gift Guide – Your dream tango outfit

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo

Our December Gift Guide continues to focus independent makers and small businesses. Some from the UK but also from further afield. This is our suggestion for a fantastic festive tango outfit from head to toe. The Staple Tango Dress Coleccion Berlin is one of our favourite tango clothing brands. High quality tango tango outfits made in […]

November Gift Guide – More than tango shoes

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo

Our November Gift Guide focuses on independent local makers in the UK. We have met some amazing artists and makers along the way and we think they deserve a big shout out. Here at Yuyo Brujo we always appreciate the craft and care that goes into beautiful things and the following creators won’t disappoint you. […]

How easy is it to buy tango shoes for women online?

Zapatos de Tango para Mujer - Yuyo Brujo

How easy is it to buy tango shoes online with us? From my own experience as a dancer, I have bought many shoes for Argentine tango during the years. And I know how frustrating this can be. I ended up with so many pairs of shoes that I couldn’t wear! The key to buying shoes […]

Is Argentine tango a form of meditation?

Zapatos de Tango para Mujer - Yuyo Brujo

Lately, I’ve been looking for new ways to relax. With all the mess around us it’s no surprise that we’re all struggling a bit to keep sane. And since this winter will probably feel long, I made a commitment to resume taking online tango classes (bring on those red tango shoes!) and signed up to […]

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