Yacaré (cerrado)

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El Yacaré era un jinete de carreras de caballos que se hizo famoso por sus carreras en Palermo y al que la orquesta de Angel D’Agostino immortalizó en un tango con el mismo nombre. Como si celebráramos las victorias del Yacaré con champán, oro y plata, este zapato de tango se viste en todos esos tonos. El estampado tipo reptil hace un guiño al nombre del jinete y hasta los vivos del talón cerrado evocan las riendas de su caballo. These are tango shoes for a playful, active yet elegant mood.

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  • Atención: zapato en color champán (no plata). Para ver un color más realista, fíjate en las últimas fotos de esta página

  • Pala en ante laminado de color champán con estampado reptil

  • Tacón stiletto en color oro brillo

  • Planta con acolchado de gel – cómodo y duradero

  • Suela de cuero

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¿Qué dice la gente sobre nuestros zapatos?

I recently purchased a pair of beautiful Pebeta Afrodita from Elena and Leon. Not only are the shoes really well made, comfortable and snug, but the service received was impeccable. Knowing that Elena and Leon are also both dancers makes you understand how much love and attention to detail has gone into producing those little beauties. Thank you so much!
Federica Rubattu
Finding tango shoes is not easy. Most shops will have ballroom shoes, or Latin dancing shoes, which might not be the best fit for tango. Yuyo Brujo has specialised tango shoes, designed by Elena, a long time tango dancer. They are hand made in Spain in area with a long tradition in shoe making, where she’s from. The result is outstanding quality at a reasonable price. If you are in London, you can arrange a fitting with Elena herself! I found the fitting advice very valuable, especially since I’ve never bought dancing shoes before. She knows exactly what shoes are going to be the best fit for you. I think she can offer advice over email as well.
Nikos Ioannou
I just bought my second pair of Yuyo Brujo shoes and, like the first one, they are just gorgeous! The quality leather and the fine design make them super comfortable to dance for hours. The only problem: choosing just one pair among all the nice models 😊 A big thanks to Elena for her help and assistance in the process.
Eva Canaleta
The Pebeta Afrodita shoes are beautiful, with an amazing colour, and they fit very well. They feel comfortable and stable.
Basia Piechocinska
I have Serpentina Oro. The shoes are state of art! They are very balanced and comfortable. Soles are well padded. Went through 6 hours milonga in comfort. Shoes are true to size. Thank you for the exquisite quality.
El Simms
I love my new shoes! They made such a positive difference to my tango class. They are so pretty and also really good quality. It was a really easy and reliable ordering experience. And my order came with a hand written thank you note too! Which was really lovely to receive. Thank you Elena! Looking forward to buying more shoes!!
Charlyn Schafer
I love my new Yuyo Brujo shoes! They are so well made and beautiful looking! They are very comfortable to dance in as well. Elena gives good suggestions on sizing and style. The hand-written note is also very heart-warming!
Cathy Wang
I visited Elena for a fitting in January. I’d been having problems with my feet (start of bunion 🙁) and my old tango shoes were too tight on one foot. I was able to try on lots of different pairs, in differing sizes and styles till I found a suitable pair. In fact I bought two pairs – one Palais de Glace in size 39 and one Junto a tu Corazón in size 40. I would have had real problems ordering online. So far I’ve just danced in the Junto shoes and they’ve been brilliant. I’ve never had a pair of tango shoes fitted before but they fit like a glove. Next time, Elena says she has a note of my feet measurements and I should be able to order online more confidently. I am very happy with the service and the shoes.
Sarah Davies
My second pair of Yuyo Brujo shoes. I’m a new dancer, and I have very sensitive feet! These shoes are not only the most beautiful I’ve seen, with their lovely straps, but also the most comfortable to wear. The invisible mesh behind the straps keeps my toes safe. Exquisite.
Maggie McKernan
So refreshing to be able to view tango shoes in person in the UK. Beautiful leather and nice styles. It’s a really lovely and welcoming experience to go and have an appointment there
Joe Parsons

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