Yuyo Brujo Tango Shoes in Paris!

Red Argentine tango shoes by Yuyo Brujo worn by model

We can’t wait to see you in Paris! From 14-19 May we will be in the City of Lights with a selection of our tango shoes for men and women. You can find us in the addresses below and contact us to a private fitting at our apartment. Despite the popularity of Argentine Tango in Paris and it’s large tango community, it can be tricky to find tango shoes or let alone variety. This is an opportunity to meet us in person and try on our shoes.

Email us before Sunday 12th May at midday to request your favourite styles, heel and size and we’ll bring it for you. Our email: info@yuyobrujo.com

Our tango shoes addresses in Paris

👠👞 14-17 May – 12.00-18.00h. Private fitting at our apartment: 34 rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, Paris 75010. Email us to book your appointment to try on our shoes in a relaxed environment: info@yuyobrujo.com⁠

👠👞 15 May – 21.00-2.00h. At the popular local milonga: MilOnda 1905 – 46 rue des Rigoles 75020 Paris.⁠ https://www.facebook.com/Milonda1905

👠👞 18-19 May. 11.00-17.00h. Lycée Turgot, 69 rue Turbigo, 75003 Paris. During the day workshops organised by  @tangospace Email us if you’re planning to come, so we can keep an eye on the door 😉 info@yuyobrujo.com⁠

Until then, check our full collection on our web: https://www.yuyobrujo.com/the-collection/


Yuyo Brujo is a unique tango shoe brand based in London, United Kingdom. Their Argentine Tango shoes are designed in London and made in Spain in the finest workshops. Whether you are looking for Argentine tango shoes for women or men specifically or more generally for good quality women dance shoes, drop us a message and we will be happy to help.



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shopping times in march

No private fittings for 14 Mar – 1 Apr. Please book for 2 Apr onwards. 

You can still shop on our website, but shoes will only be shipped on 2 Apr. Thank you!