2019 Gift Guide

It’s almost Christmas time, can you believe it?

This week we’re very excited to be bringing you our gift guide for the season These are few small things we hope will be in our stocking come Christmas morning… Yes, it includes tango shoes but we’re sure your stocking is big enough.

The Shoes

I have too many tango shoes, no one ever said… This is the time for that extra special pair, check our collection! Our stylish tango shoes come in different heel heights, from low heels to high heels, so there’s an option for everyone.


The Skirt

A swishy and glamorous skirt is actually a long term investment in your tango wardrobe. This one from Coleccion Berlin comes in shimmery gold and many other colours.


Small Treats

And some beauty for your feet doing all the hard work is always a good idea. A non toxic organic nail polish could be something new to explore. Nailberry as a range of gorgeous colours, check them out.



Beautiful legs is probably the first thought for many people when you say “tango”. Even if you don’t wear tights for dancing, a pair of back seam tights will make anyone feel pretty sexy and “tango-like”.

Calzedonia has a range of sparkly options.



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