What tango shoes should beginners wear?

3 pairs of high heel tango shoes for women

  For people starting their tango journey, one of their first questions is what tango shoes should beginners wear? Thus begins for them a whole new relationship with their feet and shoes! For years, we have helped many people new to tango find the right shoes for them, so we have some tips to share. […]

Is Argentine tango a form of meditation?

Women's Tango Shoes - YuyoBrujo

Lately, I’ve been looking for new ways to relax. With all the mess around us it’s no surprise that we’re all struggling a bit to keep sane. And since this winter will probably feel long, I made a commitment to resume taking online tango classes (bring on those red tango shoes!) and signed up to […]

How To Find The Perfect Fit Tango Shoe (Even If It’s Your First Pair)

Yuyo Brujo - Zapatos de Tango para Mujer

No matter where you are in your tango journey, how to find the perfect fit tango shoe can be an arduous task. Most people receive very little education about understanding their feet and sizing them properly. In fact, a lot of research suggests more than 60% of people do not wear correctly sized footwear in […]

Where To Buy Argentine Tango Shoes In London

Scarpe da Tango Argentino

  If you live in London and have an interest in tango, sooner or later you’re going to need to buy a new pair of tango shoes. The first idea that springs to mind might be to explore the West End dance shops in Covent Garden and Drury Lane. But soon you realise that the […]

Tricks And Tips For Happy Feet

Tips And Tricks Happy Feet

After many years dancing in tango shoes in classes and milongas, I have become used to caring for the health (and beauty) of my feet. Recently, a young tanguera who had just bought our shoes and was training intensively asked me how to look after her feet. Sharing a few tips that had become part […]

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