How easy is it to buy tango shoes for women online?

How easy is it to buy tango shoes online with us? From my own experience as a dancer, I have bought many shoes for Argentine tango during the years. And I know how frustrating this can be. I ended up with so many pairs of shoes that I couldn’t wear! The key to buying shoes online comes down three things:

  • expert advice before buying (we’re always happy to answer to your questions)
  • a good returns or exchanges policy if the shoes are not right for you (even if they fit, but you don’t like the colour when you open the box!)
  • reliable shipping options with tracking

Good advice before buying your dance shoes

It’s not easy to find the right size and fit. That’s why our website is packed with information to help you find the perfect pair. Head to our Questions and Help section and in the first paragraph you’ll find how to measure your foot to check your size.

Also have you noticed that in the description of each of our shoes we also mention whether the style is better for what type of foot? For example, Nacaradois particularly good for feet with bunions or a generous instep as the “neckline” of the vamp is quite low. That way your instep can sit comfortably without the leather digging in.

If you still cannot find answers to all our questions, you can email us or drop us a message via social media. We’re always happy to have a chat with our tangueras and answer all questions. From my own experience I know how important it is to speak to a person, a real human (!), when you need to.

Return or exchange your tango shoes

C’mon! Nobody should keep a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit. This is the 21st century and online shopping. If you are going to try a new brand, buying has to be easy and convenient. Convenient means that you can return what is not right and that you feel free to do so without questioning. At least this is how I like to shop online myself. Since I started Yuyo Brujo I had a clear idea that I wanted to remove the frustration from buying tango shoes.

And this is how we devised our returns/exchanges policy:
🌟friendly – no questions asked, but we always welcome your feedback
🌟easy – we will email you a pre-paid label that you can print
🌟free – free postage for most of the countries we ship to
🌟20 days to return or exchange from the moment you receive them

Reliable shipping options

Imagine this, you got all the advice you needed, you are confident that you can return your shoes but you don’t know when will your shoes arrive. There isn’t anything as frustrating as to be waiting for a mystery parcel. All our international parcels have a tracking number that you’ll receive after your purchase. So this is peace of mind you and for us!

As always, if you have any concerns about your parcel, drop us a message and we’ll help with any tracking issues.

Are you ready to buy dance shoes online?

Love our videos? You can watch more in our YouTube channel here.

Video created by Magdalena Smolarska Photography.

Yuyo Brujo is one of the main UK tango shoes online shops, whether you are looking for Argentine tango shoes for women specifically or more generally for good quality women dance shoes, drop us a message and we will be happy to help.


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