Style tips: What can I wear fuchsia tango shoes with?

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Yuyo Brujo Argentine Tango Shoes for women
Photo by Magdalena Smolarska Photography

If you have been following us for a while you probably know by now that our style Yuyo Brujo is our first ever design of tango shoes. It’s our favourite and, not surprisingly, also one of the most popular styles. The one that many people are drawn to at first. But then, we hear the same question time and time again:

“What can I wear them with? Uhm, I want a pair of tango shoes that I can wear with everything.”

And here is where we’re going to help you. Because Yuyo Brujo is actually an incredibly versatile style if you are willing to play with your wardrobe a little. Fear not, we’re not going to suggest to match these with pink or fuchsia. Keep scrolling for ideas on how to make the most out of your dance shoes.

The little black dress

Let’s start from the most obvious combinations: the little black dress. Since a black dress is already simple and versatile adding a pop of colour to it can instantly elevate your outfit and still look pretty effortless. The beauty of this pair of tango shoes is that the coppery/nude front strap is very discreet while the back is the show-stopper, so this balance makes them even more wearable. The dress below was made to order by Chique Dancewear.

Yuyo Brujo Argentine tango shoes

Colourful prints and timeless patterns

Any pattern with a bit of pink, red or fuchsia will go well with your Yuyo Brujos. Or simply go for a multicolour print and the flash of copper and fuchsia will add to the playfulness of your pattern. The dress below is really summery but you can also opt for more sophisticated or timeless prints like polka dot. Coleccion Berlinhas just brought back some of their best-selling tango skirts and dresses in polka dot print. Check their website for all sorts of tango clothing inspiration:

Yuyo Brujo Argentine Tango Shoes for women tango dress coleccion berlin polka dot


Midnight blue, dark green and teal

Probably not the colours you would expect to match with hot pink/fuchsia but all these shades complement our Yuyo Brujos beautifully. After all, pink is also a cold tone like blue or green. If you are into colour, try one of our favourite combos: wear these tango shoes with a teal or turquoise dress. The contrast between teal and fuchsia is just spectacular, when combined both colours seem brighter and adopt a jewel like quality in their depth.

The teal halter neck dress here is from Spanish brand Trucco and the midnight blue satin dress is from a thrift shop with no brand (sorry!). Dark Green velvet wrap dress from And Other Stories.

Yuyo Brujo Argentine tango shoes for women

Yuyo Brujo Argentine tango shoes for women


And to wrap it up… accessorise

Are you still unconvinced by some of these ideas? Sometimes all you need to get your tango outfit together is a bit of accessorising. Our top two suggestions are lipstick and earrings in the same tone as your shoes. A hot pink lippy and your silky pink Yuyo Brujos will complete your outfit nicely. Alternatively, try some jewelry with soft pink, champagne or rose gold tones that pick the shimmering details of your shoes.

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Yuyo Brujo is one of the main UK tango shoes suppliers, whether you are looking for Argentine tango shoes for women specifically or more generally for good quality women dance shoes, drop us a message and we will be delighted to help.


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