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Last updated on Ottobre 26th, 2020 at 09:48 am

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If you live in London and have an interest in tango, sooner or later you’re going to need to buy a new pair of tango shoes.

The first idea that springs to mind might be to explore the West End dance shops in Covent Garden and Drury Lane. But soon you realise that the tango dance shoes there don’t look anything like the ones your teacher wears. Not one bit.

This is because, in Drury Lane, you can only find Ballroom and Latin shoes, both of which are vastly different from Argentine tango shoes.

Sure, the assistant at the shop might insist to you that these styles are also tango shoes, but we know that the difference lies in the technique between Ballroom and Argentine tango that require a different type of shoe.

Argentine tango requires a shoe that allows you to be more grounded on the floor, push against it as you walk. For this reason, a dancer requires a more stable, supportive shoe compared to the flexible hyper-soft shoes used for ballroom. Can you dance tango in Latin and Ballroom shoes? We have another blog post dedicated to this question.

Yuyo Brujo Studio In London

So, where does one buy Argentine tango shoes in London or the UK for that matter? Well, the answer is that there aren’t any specialist shops in London. Trust us, we’ve tried looking. You enter “Argentine tango shops in London,” or “tango shoes UK” into your search engine and virtually nada comes up.

To address this problem, we created our Yuyo Brujo studio in London, which is not a shop, but a showroom where you can finally try proper tango shoes in London, and have an expert’s assistance in helping you pick out the best shoe for you. We offer private fittings, which you can book by appointment, and try on all of our tango shoes in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

And if you fall in love with a pair, you can buy it on the spot!

We might even dare to say that our showroom is one of the few places where you can find Argentine tango shoes in the UK.

Although you can also buy our tango shoes online, we understand that sometimes you need to touch and feel the shoes prior to investing.

Traditionally, Argentine tango shoes are sold at milongas, festivals, marathons, etc. Although we also bring our shoes to a few selected events, we find that buying shoes at festivals can be stressful for our tangueras. Between your favourite tandas, catching up with friends, and dancing, there isn’t a lot of time (or great lighting) to be able to try on a new pair of tango shoes.

This is why we wanted to set up our own studio to give people the opportunity to try at their own leisure.

So if you are looking for Argentine tango shoes in London, contact us to make an appointment.


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You can still shop on our website, but shoes will only be shipped on 2 Apr. Thank you!