Where to find men’s tango shoes in London?

Last updated on Febbraio 2nd, 2023 at 03:14 pm

Men's Tango Shoes - Yuyo Brujo

Many people asked us where to find men’s tango shoes in London, so we decided to make our own! It is available for sale online or in person from our London studio.

Named after a famous barrio in Buenos Aires mentioned in many tangos (here is one of our favourites – El Yacare), it has an understated elegance that would suit any look, fits like a glove, and lets you dance comfortably and confidently all night long. It is best for Argentine tango, but also suitable for salsa, bachata and other Latin American and partner dances.

But what makes it so great? Here are 5 good reasons.

Soft high quality leather tango shoes

Buttery soft lambskin uppers that mould to the shape of your foot. No need to “break in” the shoe before you use it in a milonga or class. For the inside lining, we chose goat or kid leather which feels cool, nice to touch and absorbs moisture.

Gel padded insoles

Gel padded insoles for lasting comfort and shock absorption. They are thin enough so you can feel the floor, but more durable than common foam padding. Suede covers the sole and heel for grip on polished surfaces, while also smooth enough to pivot and glide easily.

Flexible and comfortable construction

Looks like an elegant walking shoe, but designed for dancing 100%. We thought of every detail – how we cut, what to skive, where to join and seam. The result is a shoe that allows your foot to flex naturally and comfortably as you walk and pivot.

Durable, smooth running laces

We use brushed cotton laces which are smooth-running but also give good grip. Metal eyelets provide extra reinforcement that prevents the leather uppers from ripping. As a final detail, we “blind” seam the eyelets for an elegant understated finish.

Versatile fit

Generous width and volume on the inside. This allows for when your feet expands after hours of dance, or for men with high insteps. For dancers who prefer a snugger fit or have lower insteps, please ask us about our purpose-made replaceable insoles.

You can find out more about our Palermo here. Palermo comes in 4 colours – black, navy, beige and burgundy.

If you are not sure and would like to try them on first, you can book a private fitting at our London studio here. Prefer to shop online? We ship to over 35 countries in Europe, Asia, the Americas and beyond, and offer a 20-day returns policy. Knowing where to find men’s tango shoes in London shouldn’t be the challenge it was before!


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