Where To Find The Best Tango Classes Online

Last updated on Ottobre 26th, 2020 at 09:50 am

Where To Find The Best Tango Classes Online

You have seen it already. Half of the world’s teachers and another half of social dancers have turned to the internet to show their moves. And although there’s a lot going on out there, it also feels difficult to cut through the noise and find the right class.

To help you out a little, we have curated a few of the best tango classes online and we explain why. Some of these are tango classes in London or further away, like Buenos Aires, how exciting is that? Most of these classes we have tried and tested and of course we have selected a range from free, pay-what-you-can and full paid private classes. Grab your tango shoes and a cup of tea and scroll through these:

Manuela Rossi And Juan Malizia – FREE Technique Class

Follow Mundial Stage Tango Champions @juanymanuela.tango on Instagram for a live class every week. Right now this is one of our favourite classes. It feels spontaneous and fresh but the class is actually structured. They plan the class beforehand so you do fully benefit from it. It’s intensive and they show their unique training method, so it’s perfect for people who want to go a bit deeper on technique. They take turns to explain and the class has a really good pace. At no time you feel bored. Also, they are attentive to the live comments and answer to queries from all over the world. The time of the class is advertised on their IG feed and if you cannot catch them at that exact time, the class stays on their Stories for 24h. If you scroll enough through their IGTV you might even find a recipe for healthy “galletitas” (biscuits).

Roxana Suarez – FREE Technique Class Via Dancer Shape

Last year we were very excited to hear that Roxanna Suarez together with Jane Dominey had launched a Tango and Yoga collection of e-classes on the Dancer Shape platform. The content is beautifully shot and well explained. The free class available now covers the basics for example, the transfer of weight and alignment, pivots and boleos all while wearing your tango shoes. It’s perfect for more beginner levels or to simply review the basics. We liked that the class is long enough to break it in 3 sessions if you prefer to do a little each day.

Fabian Peralta – FREE Technique Classes

Fabian is offering free technique classes via Zoom. This is a unique opportunity to study with one of the big maestros of tango. It will be individual technique for leaders and followers so no worries if you don’t live with your tango partner. Class numbers are limited, so contact him directly via Facebook to sign up.

Tanguito Tango Academy – FREE, DONATION Or Full Price Classes

Paula and Bruno are live streaming on YouTube Tuesday, Wednesday, Fridays and Sunday. You can follow their classes with a donation or paying the full price (£8) which is very reasonable. The stream is very good quality and they have put a lot of effort into making their tech work which makes all the difference. Paula’s and Bruno’s warm personalities shine through their classes and the content is structured and easy to follow. If you follow them on Instagram (@pauladuartetango and @bruno_tango) they also post small cute snippets of their workouts for free. They have a very good mix of classes and you can check them all here: https://www.tanguito.co.uk/live

Leandro Palou Tango Academy – Paid Workshops And Private Tuition

Leandro and Maria are also embracing the online world and they have started off with workshop webminars, but we hear they are preparing a whole lot of exciting video content for their web too (from beginners to advanced and tango, vals and milonga videos). We had a quick peek on their IG Stories and it all looks very professional (is it an actual clip-on microphone that we see in Maria while she’s balancing on her tango shoes?). Their Followers Technique Workshop is running every other Saturday (streaming from their web directly) and the next one is on 11th April. Check their web Tango Academy or drop them a message for more info.

Tango Movement – Paid Group Classes And Private Tuition

Kim and David are still running a full weekly schedule of group classes. Via video link and close up cameras so you can see them clearly and they can pick on what you are doing and give feedback. Their attention to detail and making everyone feel at ease are some qualities they are famous for and you won’t be disappointed with their online classes either. Don’t take our word for it and read the reviews some of their students have already left on IG or email them to book a 10min Free trial session. You can find more details here: Tango Movement

This is OUR curation of the best tango classes online around us. What are your favourite classes? We’re sure you’re also following someone out there. Let us know in the comments below so we can also put on our tango shoes and give them a spin.


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