Frequently Asked Questions

Shoe sizes, widths, heel heights

  • Our sizes are European (Continental): 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40.

  • The best way to find what´s your size in our shoes is to measure the length of your foot and compare it against the length measurements in cm in the table below. Measure your foot from the tip of your big toe diagonally across to the middle of your heel.

































  • Our shoe sizes are the same as for normal non-tango shoes, sometimes described as “true to size”. Some tango shoe brands (particularly from Argentina) size their shoes bigger than normal and you might go a size down in those. This is not our case. In Yuyo Brujo we recommend to choose your “regular” or “street shoes” size.

  • We measure “length” with a straight line from the rear end of the shoe to the furthest point at the front of the shoe (see image below).


Image of how to measure length of foot 

  • Our men’s shoes sizes are UK sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

  • The best way to find what’s your size in our shoes is to measure the length of your foot and compare it against the length measurements in cm in the table below. Measure your foot from the tip of your big toe diagonally across to the middle of your heel. Allow at least 1-1.5cm at the front for your toes to wiggle.

  • Our men’s sizes run a little generous. If you are in between sizes in this table choose the size below.




European (Continental)























  • Our styles all have the same width, which we describe as “comfortable standard”. However, different models have differently designed toe straps which suit differently shaped feet.
  • We have three front shapes: single band, three straps and butterfly.

  • For example and as a general rule, women with narrower feet tend to prefer styles with a single band at the front like Irisado, Perla Afrodita or Yuyo Brujo. Styles with a three strap front like Nacarado or Moneda de Cobre are better for a bit wider feet or if you have bunions. Our butterfly front is the “roomiest” of all and the one that hugs your bones more securely, Jamas Retornaras and Yacare have butterfly fronts. If your foot is on the narrow side we would probably not recommend the butterfly or the three strap front.

  • If your feet are a bit narrow and you are in between sizes, we recommend to go one size down and choose a style with an open back heel (so your heel can have a bit more room lengthwise).

  • In our previous styles, Amarras, Tinta Roja and Al Verla Pasar used to run a bit narrow. These had a single strap front. Our current single strap front is a comfortable standard, it does not run narrow.

  • If you are still unsure what style would suit the width of your foot, contact us and we will be very happy to help and give you personalised recommendations. Occasionally, we have a batch of shoes that runs a bit narrow or wide and they are not uploaded on our website.

  • Once COVID-19 social distancing is over, we will resume private fittings in our Studio which is the best way to try all our shoes. Sadly, at present we are not taking Private Fittings.
  • For most models we offer 3 heights per size – Low, Medium, High. For smaller sizes, this is 7, 8, 9 cm. For the larger sizes, this is 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 cm. The heights vary to ensure appropriate proportion and balance according to the size of the shoe.
  • We measure heel height in centimetres as a straight vertical line from the tip of the heel to the point it joins the sole of the shoe when viewed in side profile at eye level (see the image below). We do not measure the height as seen from the back of the shoe, as some other brands may do. To us, this is a “truer” measure that takes into account  the different inclinations of the shoe for different heel heights and sizes.


Image of heel spike in profile

  • In our opinion, fit and comfort should be your top priority. When you are comfortable and confident, you can dance your best.

  • Different people have different feet, so don’t be afraid to try different styles until you find one that fits you. The materials we use will mould to your feet slightly with use over time. We deliberately created differently shaped toe straps to accommodate differently shaped feet.

  • If you are new to dancing in heels, we strongly recommend to start with lower heels and progress to higher ones (if you so choose) once your feet are stronger and your balance has developed.

  • Standing upright on a hard floor (not carpet), with your axis in the centre of your feet, you should feel stable and grounded in the shoes (i.e. able to put your full weight into them). If you feel wobbly or tipping forward or back, perhaps try a lower heel.

  • The tip of your toes should be close to the edge of the front of the shoe but not hanging off the shoe. Generally speaking, your toes will be closer to the edge for dancing shoes to avoid the lip catching on the floor.

  • Some people find they get a surer fit by trying on shoes in the afternoon/ evening when their feet have expanded a bit more naturally. However, we don’t recommend to try on new shoes after having danced for hours as your feet will be swollen and sensitive.

  • You should feel sufficient cushioning under your forefoot, but not so much that you cannot feel the floor with confidence. Some women prefer more, others a bit less, cushioning. We use a gel padded insole that is thin and flexible yet durable, and doesn’t collapse like some foam-based pads after repeated use. The padding covers the entire forefoot area of the insole from edge to edge, because a dancer’s feet with connect with the floor at different angles depending on the steps.

  • It is okay if your new shoes feel snug. We use good quality natural leathers in our shoes (both in the lining and outside) and these will flex and stretch a bit to fit the shape of your feet.

Shopping With Us

  • Currently, nowhere else. We sell direct to you, so you pay for our craft, not middlemen. This also helps us understand your needs better and ensure you get attention and a pleasant experience.
  • We visit some milongas and events. You can find out the latest news on where we are going to by signing up for our newsletter or visiting our Facebook page ‘Yuyo Brujo Tango Shoes’ (or click on the Facebook icon at the bottom of any page on our website).
  • We also offer private fittings by appointment in our London studio. You can find out more here.
  • In some countries that we do not ship to, we may work with local partners to provide for our customers. Stay tuned.
  • We understand. These things happen. You can exchange your shoes for another size/ heel height of the same model for the first time for FREE, or return them for a FULL REFUND, within 20 days of receiving your shoes (see below in Returns and Exchanges more details).

  • We will also cover the shipping fee for your returns and exchanges for most countries we sell to. See here for more details.

  • We try to ensure every pair of shoes you receive are brand new. However some shoes may have been tried on by some customers and have minor signs of being worn. These shoes are still considered new and worthy of purchase, rather than unacceptable for sale. Of course, if you are still unhappy with the shoes, you can use our 20 day returns policy for a full refund.

  • View the shoes in the Collection pages. Review available sizes and heel heights, shoe descriptions and price.

  • Select the shoes you want and add it to the shopping cart. You can continue shopping or proceed to order.

  • When you are ready to place your order, review all your items in the shopping cart (add or remove as necessary), check shipping details, select payment method and click the purchase button. You can change your mind at any time before confirming the order by going to another page.

  • You will receive an email confirming your order, and another when we ship.

  • We accept payment by credit card and debit card of most major brands (e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express), by Apple Pay and by PayPal. We chose these methods as they are secure, convenient and cost effective for our customers. If you need to pay in some other way, please get in touch and we will see how we can help you.
  • No problem! Contact us immediately. As per our policy, we will reimburse you in full typically by the same means you have paid. If the shoes have already shipped and cannot be recalled, we will notify you with instructions on how to return them.

Promotion Codes

  • A ‘promotion code’ is a short string (e.g. “GOOD5” or “SPRING3”) which you can enter during checkout for a discount on items in your shopping cart. We offer these from time to time when we feel there is a special occasion to delight our customers. Promotional pricing applies to the value of our shoes, not to shipping (unless it is a “free shipping” discount).

  • See Terms & Conditions for how you can and cannot use our promotion codes. These terms may change and we will make this known on our website or by other means if they do so.


  • Shipping fees will be added to your order during checkout and will be indicated according to your delivery address.

  • We offer Standard Post, Priority or both shipping options depending on the destination country. Standard Post is currently FREE but delivery timings can be longer and more unpredictable than Priority due to the postal system. Priority shipping costs more, but it is quicker and more reliable generally. Both are signed on delivery and track-able online (except the UK where we use First Class Royal Mail).

  • We ship to more than 35 countries. See here for more details.

  • We are constantly working with our delivery partners to improve our service, so if you need to ship to another country not listed, please contact us and we may be able to quote a fee and ship to you.

  • Yes, but they must be in the same country. To protect our customers from potential fraud events, we may contact you to verify your order or otherwise investigate before shipment. In some rare cases, we may have to cancel them and notify you about that.
  • We require your phone number because if there is a problem with your delivery we or the courier may need to contact the recipient for help finding/ accessing the delivery address or to arrange re-delivery. We also require the payer’s email address in case we need to contact you about your order or payment. We would never use your contact details for any other purpose without your consent.
  • Yes. We will attempt to ship them in a single delivery, but may not be able to for logistical reasons. We will contact you and let you know about other delivery options.
  • Delivery times would depend on the destination and shipping option. See here for details. If you haven’t received your order by the estimated delivery time, first check online using the tracking number and website details in the shipping confirmation email. The courier may have attempted an unsuccessful delivery – check if they have left a card, voice mail or emailed you. Depending on the courier, they may offer to redeliver to the same or different address, or allow you to collect from them. If it looks like your order is delayed somewhere else, please contact us and we will find out what’s happening as soon as we can.

Returns And Exchanges

  • Yes, you will be reimbursed in full if you let us know you wish to return within 20 days of receiving the delivery and if the returned shoes are in sell-able condition. You can follow the instructions in the Returns leaflet that came with your delivery or request a return at Returns & Exchanges.

  • We’re sorry it wasn’t as you had expected. Unfortunately these things happen. Contact us immediately if you wish to arrange a return for refund or exchange. You can request a return at Returns & Exchanges.

  • Within 30 days from when we receive the return, typically by the same means by which you paid us. In some cases, this may not be possible and we will contact you by email with an alternative means to repay you.
  • Of the 36+ countries we currently ship to, you pay no shipping fees for returns or first-time exchanges (different size/ heel height of the same shoe style) for 27 countries. See here for countries we can and cannot cover for return/ exchange shipping fees.

  • Shoes must still be in re-sellable condition. For more details about eligibility, conditions and process, see Returns & Exchanges or our Terms & Policies for the details.

Shoe Cleaning And Care

  • We recommend carrying your shoes in a proper shoe bag, just like the one that came with your Yuyo Brujo shoes. They protect your shoes while letting them breathe.

  • Storing them at home, we recommend standing them in an upright position when storing them and allowing them to air uncovered instead of keeping them in the bag all the time.

  • For leather uppers, wipe gently with a wet cloth to remove dirt or stains. For suede uppers, a dry cloth or soft brush is best (you can also buy special suede brushes today). Avoid aggressive cleaning and strong chemicals that could strip off protective finishes and cause dis-colouration. Regular gentle cleaning is better than more intense intermittent cleaning.

  • For the sole (the underside of the shoe in contact with the ground), we recommend fine sandpaper or scrubbing pad (for crockery) to remove dirt. Avoid doing so if wet. We do not advise using anything like the steel brushes typically used for ballroom dancing shoes as it could tear grooves in the leather which trap even more dirt.

  • Using a shoe protector spray, particularly in light colour shoes, could be a good idea to keep them clean for longer.

  • For cleaning dirt and sweat inside the shoe, you can use baby or make-up removal wipes. Wipe gently and let the shoes air afterwards. Avoid touching suede parts of the shoe with wet wipes.

  • The Yuyo Brujo shoe bag is made of a hard-wearing, breathable material and is machine washable.

  • Yes, why not? Our shoes are designed for comfort and stability and they are also suitable to wear in the street or an ocassion. Just be aware that rough, dirty and wet surfaces will nonetheless take a heavier toll on your shoes than normal use in a milonga.

More About Us

  • Because it captures what we are about – immersing yourself in your passion. We put as much of ourselves into our shoes as you do into your dance. Those of you who are tango veterans will know what the song is about and what it means to you. 😉 For more about our story, please read here.
  • Firstly, we make shoes to be both beautiful as well as fit for dancing (comfortable, secure, durable and light). We are able to do this by custom-designing every part of the shoe, selecting the key materials ourselves and paying close attention to detail at every stage of production. Rather than choose ‘off the shelf’ options, we worked with specialist workshops to make lasts and heels to our design, so that all the parts of the shoe work together aesthetically as well as functionally. We chose gel-based padded in-soles that were made for dance shoes – thin and flexible enough for you to feel the floor, durable even after repeated use.

  • Secondly, our shoe designs are original and inspired by tango. We decided not to churn out colourful variants of the same shoe style, but to take inspiration from the rich stories of tango and name each shoe style after something in tango. For our first collection, each style is named after a song which inspired it. These are not just shoes for tango, these are shoes with tango in them.

  • Thirdly, we offer our high quality, beautiful shoes at prices that are good value and affordable. We do this by selling direct to our customers where we can as much as possible. Our customers want to pay for quality design, materials and craftsmanship, rather than to middle men.

  • Finally, we would like you to enjoy while you buy your tango shoes. Finding the perfect shoes can be highly frustrating. We’ve designed our website with the same care we put into our shoes. Hopefully, it will be easy for you to use and find what you are looking for. Our delivery and returns policies are also thought so you can buy from us confidently and with peace of mind.

  • Perhaps not well known to the wider public, Spain has some of the finest shoe makers in the world, with a strong tradition of craftsmanship, a flair for fashion and innovative design. Pretty Balerinas, Jaime Mascaró, Camper, Hispanitas and Chie Mihara are just some examples of quality shoe brands from Spain. Many non-Spanish shoe brands like Jimmy Choo, Stella McCartney and Gucci also make shoes in Spain. We thought that it was criminal that no one was applying these time-honoured and world-class skills in a serious way to making tango shoes, so we decided to do it ourselves. We are proud to make them in Spain and we hope you enjoy them too!
  • Literally, it means “made in Spain with heart”. To do something con el corazón is a Spanish way of saying to do something with passion, thought, care and attention to detail. From sketching designs, to visiting warehouses and poring over rolls of leather, to shaping and testing resin casts of heel spikes, to hand-cutting fabric for heel straps, to testing our prototypes in the milonga, we have put our minds, hearts and hands into the making of our shoes every step of the way. We believe you will feel the difference when you try them on, and hope you will enjoy them.
  • You can find our policies covering use of our Website, deliveries and returns, data privacy, disclosures and other terms of business here.

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